I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


OK! SO I DIDNT ACTUALLY RUN IT THIS YEAR I CANNOT PRETEND! (and i cant say i have done it any other year either actually ....!)

.....But i truly would like to! I think this walk / jog/ run will be the closest i might ever get to completing any marathon!

However, i did go up to Excel to visit the Marathon show and see all the gear you get to wear if you really are a properly qualified marathon runner! And i managed to get given quite a few freebies in relation to my own fast approaching challenge in the form of Hoodies, socks, sports bras, laces and protein snack bars! THANK YOU to all who kindly contributed!

I now just have to pack it in my teeny tiny rucksack and hope i can last the course long enough to use it all!

I tried a practice run with my half filled rucksack this week .... and managed the lengthy time of 15 minutes before collapsing back on my doorstep! No blisters to report of but i was a bit breathless! Methinks the running may be something i can build up to as the trip progresses!

Beginning to gain momentum with my Just giving site now and have had some very generous donations so far - thank you folks..... hopefully i will reach my goal by the end of the walk....

Tuesday, 20 April 2010



I have now booked 70% of the accommodation for my overnight stays so i cannot afford to even have a lie in! I have also confirmed today that i will walk to raise funds for Grove House in St Albans so feel pleased i have such a worthwhile recipient for my efforts!

My week on 'holiday' has allowed me to make all the B & B and Hostel bookings and i have been amazed that it has all been possible over the internet with only 2 calls required for payment confirmation! The wonders of the Modern day! The Icelandic Volcano eruption cant stop the Syson!

I have also booked my train to Inverness leaving Kings Cross on Thursday 20th May and plan to get the last bit up to John O'Groats on the Friday, ready for a 7.30am Saturday start on the 22nd May 2010.

I did a practice pack the other day and managed to squeeze all my essenitals into 7.5kg .... bearing in mind i usually leave with 2 x 23kg suitcases for a weekend in New York i was mighty impressed at my first attempt! i think its the scary thought of me carrying it every step of the way that is keeping it slimmed down for now!

I have also got my Just Giving page up and running today so anyone wishing to sponsor me for each mile i crawl, it will be most appreciated!!