I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Well, i hobbled down to breakfast at Blar Mhor after a great nights sleep and a beautiful day of sunshine was beginning outside! After packing up my teeny weeny, light version of my rucksack, i walked to the local bus stop and waited for my X25 to Tain .... and waited .... and waited .....

And like all good buses, after waiting an absolute age ...... 2 came along at once! I spent the next 20 minutes reaching what would have taken me 5 hours on foot along the treacherous A9 and arrived in Tain around 9.30am, very pleased to have avoided risking my life at the mercy of the juggernauts! I found my next B & B Ross Villa very easily thanks to my mini Sat Nav on my iPhone and after dropping my bag in, i began my scenic walk in the country with my paper map in hand, radio on and trainers ....

I managed about 14 miles today and reached Alness just after 3pm on my little country lane. Unfortunately my feet deteriorated yet again after about 2 hours but as i was half way along my desserted country lane, it was as far go if I turned around & retraced my steps as it was to keep going! As i entered Tain, I eventually heard the magic 'M' word when someone said there was a Morrisons nearby! Music to my ears!

So i sat in their cafe, trainers off, jacket potato ordered and a smug feeling of having beaten the blisters for another day, yet again! It wasnt til i got back to the B & B, a scenic 1 hour bus drive later, that i realised i was mistaken again and that the blisters had yet again got the upper hand and reached a new level of grottiness! I wont post another photo as i am sure you have seen enough now (and Meg said she wont read my Blog again if she has to see my feet yet again!) but suffice to say, i have needed to start again with a whole new box of compeed and my yellow iodine spray! Agggghhhhhhhh!

As i sit here typing with saffron feet exposed to the air, i have decided to keep off them tomorrow in the vague hope that a day out of action will give them a chance to repair enough to get this walk back on track. I have Anita joining me tomorrow night so want to be in a position to get going again on Friday and think this may give me the best chance instead of keeping pounding them into the ground!

So, it looks like i have a lie in (on my own prescription of course!!), with another bus journey awaiting first thing and a necessary day of relaxing & chilling out .... Hmmmm, now that sounds like just my kind of Little Walk in the Country!


  1. When the blisters have gone, and they will go if you endure, then you will have to be wary of developing more. A dab of vaseline on the spot where you feel A "hot spot" whilst walking can do the trick.

    Meantime, I hope you will make "enjoyment" the top priority if possible whilst toughing it out.

    Very much enjoy reading your individual/personal style of blog.


  2. Thank you Brian - i have vaseline and will use it now for feet instead! i hope i make it to my second wind!