I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Monday, 10 May 2010


OMG! Who fogot to mention that my calves would be on fire the next day? I must have missed the small print somewhere! (The lovely calm memory of the bluebells yesterday is fast wearing off!)

I nearly fell back into bed this morning as soon as i had put both feet to the floor, aghast that a teeny tiny little walk in the country could have such reverberating adverse repurcussions! Pre yesterday i would have told anyone i was already 'fit enough to get going today ho ho!' but since this morning i am having serious second thoughts!

Not that i have any intention of cancelling / delaying / postponing or rescheduling anything! All bar 3 nights accommodation are now reserved and apart from not being able to face the thought of re-booking anything, i am adamant that THE SHOW MUST GO ON with or without my aches and pains! (although i must say it would be preferable without them!)

So i have now packed an industrial sized tube of Ibrufen Gel, alongside my industrial size deodrant and am just keeping my fingers and bunion free toes crossed that it lasts long enough to get me through the Highlands to the nearest Boots as i cannot afford to carry more than one tube due to strict weight restrictions! (self imposed by me obviously - even my nail clippers have been downsized to a mini pair!)

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