I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Sunday, 30 May 2010



Whenever anyone says i probably cant do something, why does it always make me more resolute to do it?!! Where does that come from?!! The gauntlet had been lain down by Harry last night suggesting Anita and i wouldnt make it today and the challenge must have been set subconsciously as i woke up this morning full of beans with feet raring to go! Having said that, i have felt like that a few mornings last week but it isnt until the ceremonious boot fitting happens until i realise that whilst most of the body and the mind are willing, the feet just arent co-operating!

This morning was different however and my feet felt the best they have done since day 1!! Whooohoooo!! Celebration!! We had a lovely breakfast, i had fresh blueberries and strawberries with my bran flakes as well as my poached egg and beans, so we were fully fuelled before walking down the lane to the bag drop stop where we unfortunately managed to completely interrupt Sally & Dave's cooked breakfast (SO SORRY!) whilst they so kindly squeezed both our bags into their sporty Audi TT boot to take on to our B & B in Tomintoul.

By 9.30 we were well on our way and going at a great pace! Both of us agreed that our feet felt the best they had in days and it was such a relief after yesterday to get back into the stride of things as i had felt quite dispondent last night after my poor distance and lack of stamina in the feet department.

We strode on through Bridge of Nethy, agreeing to stop at the next hotel or cafe stop ..... but it never just arrived or materialised!! We walked and walked and walked and about 17 miles later, we still hadnt passed one single open place where we could stop for any sort of refreshments!!! Anita had a mild sense of humour failure around the 14 mile mark before having a second wind when she started jogging intermittantly to relieve the pressure off the soles of her feet!!!

We had just gone through Glenlivet and stretched out our muscles on the bridge when all of a sudden our knight in shining armour arrived in the form of Paul in his blue Ford Focus hire car! Thrilled to pieces, we hurriedly jumped in the car and drove the 1.5 miles on to our B & B for the night - The Argyle Guest House, in the main street of Tomintoul and most importantly right next door to the Whisky Castle where there are apparently over 500 different single malt whiskies!!! Whoaa!!

I had absolutely forgotten how fantastic a steaming hot bath can feel for sore muscles and feet and languished in it for over 1/2 hour, pushing completely to the back of my mind how Eddie Izzard followed every run each day with an ice cold bath for 15 minutes!! I AM NOT EDDIE, I HAVE NOT RUN AND I HAVE NOT QUITE COMPLETED A MARATHON EACH DAY so i dont qualify for that bath!!! That is my story and i am sticking to it!
A bit of down time and the fastest internet connection i have experienced so far in the Highlands later, i felt fully refreshed and restored and we all walked down the High Street to the Clockhouse for a bite of lunch/supper! We managed to squeeze in a 2 our 3 course wonderfully relaxing dinner and had such a nice evening that i hardly wanted to shuffle myself off to bed! Bust needs must!

Today has felt very good all in all and i feel that my feet are finally falling into line and that i have maybe turned a corner .... certainly walking without the backpacks makes a huge difference but i am finding the mileage and the foot pain more bearable and today, for the first time, think i may make it to the end all with a little help from my friends! Thank you!

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