I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010



Well after Mike and the children all endured a 500 mile drive with 2 bikes in the back, it would have seemed rude not to make use of them straight away! Zak & i therefore got up early and began our 17 mile cycle ride (which was actually 20 miles the way we went!) up to the Linn of Dee, uphill and against the wind, then back along the river cross country off road, through puddles and then behind the Invecauld country estate and back along the A93 to the hostel, all in time for 10.45!

We were supposed to have been out of the hostel by 10am but the cleaner agreed to let us grab a quick bite of breakfast and a few bits from our room ..... and then we were off (IN THE CAR, oooh what a luxury to have transport at my disposal - better not get too used to it teehee!!) and back to Ballater where the idea was to go for a little walk around the town before lunch at the Italian that was closed on Monday evening! We began the 6 mile / 7 bridges walk as i knew the way already but it was a step too far for Mike on his crutches and we realised swiftly that what would normally have been an hour and half walk, would actually take us nearer to 3 hours for him so he went back and i did it alone with the children.

We did try to lunch at the Italian but after working up a very healthy appetite on the walk (& cycle for Zak & I!) it was still closed for lunch!! We therefore drove back to Braemar, stopping off to see the Balmoral estate from the gates /road (!) and had la unch of fish and chips in a local Scottish cafe! Mmmmmmmmmmm, yum!!!!

As I have been struggling with getting any internet the last few days, i positioned myself for an hour in the Fife Arms hotel next to the large log fire to update yesterdays blog news and get a few emails up to speed for work that i couldnt do on the phone. It was a relaxing time after the activites of the day and surprising to find how quickly i accustomised to sitting down i could get after only a few minutes!

I must say, its been wonderful having the children here and ringing the changes on the Bike (thank you Immanuel for this great suggestion - you see i do always listen to your Eureka moments once i have thought it all through!)

I also realise it says on the heading above 'Braemar to Dalnaglar Castle' but we are going through there tomorrow and i have done more than my expected days mileage today on a much more fun and safer route!

Also, please note my flourescent green waterproof jacket i am wearing instead of my Little Red Riding hood gear! Makes a nice change hey?!

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