I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Friday, 4 June 2010



No problems with my roomies last night!! Deep sleepers with no blocked airways or snuffles, who slept in longer than me (!!) and didnt need to get up in the night with weak bladder problems! Voila! Perfect match for me! And our guarantee from the Premier Inn ('We guarantee a perfect nights sleep'!) was all set to be tested to the limit if they had slipped up in any area of their room comfort, but it was also not needed as i awoke fully refreshed and raring to go by 9am!

We all left the hotel together and drove up towards Forfar where Mike dropped Olivia and i off on the side of our B road to begin our mini adventure for the day! The weather wasnt as hot as yesterday thankfully as i was still sporting a nose resembling a belisha beacon, but we got into our stride easily and soon turned off to a tiny side lane which was much quieter and had hardly any traffic on it.

Olivia kept up so well at my 3 mile per hour pace and before we knew it we had covered nearly 11 miles in our 3 hr 25 minute allocation..... Mike was conveniently on hand with the collection waggon and we were pleased to have all mod cons (air con, comfy shoes and refreshments plus chauffeur!) immediately to hand on finishing the walk!

We went in to Dundee after joining up to get our WiFi dongle fixed but ended up visiting our favourite Scottish store - Poundland (!!) - where our greatest bargain so far has been mini TV remote controls for £1 and also a games pack consisting of 2 packs of cards, dominos and 3 dice ALL for £1!!

Anyway, i wanted to also try and put a few extra miles on today and decided to step out for a few miles running and see how my feet stood up to the different action! Mike drove me down to the waters edge where i ran along by the coast for a couple of miles (but not until after i had to put my sports bra on in the front seat which the children were most embarrassed about as we seemed to gather some extra passers by!) I managed to get 2 miles done before i ran out of steam and felt glad i had never commited to running back from Scotland with my pack on!

After a fruitless search for a Starbucks (sorry!!) we got stuck in an hour long traffic jam so were delayed getting back for showers before then having to wait another hour for our meal to be served!! Normally it would be nice to sit down for a leisurely meal but our traffic delay and then the slow service meant we ended up eating a speedy snack to get back in time for the LAST semi final of Britains of Got Talent! Here we are in our prime front row seats (ok, well, my double bed at our Premier Inn!) texting in our votes!!

Tomorrow is our last walking day together and Meg and i are being joined by my niece Cath for our walk between Perth and Dollar, which is Catherine's old home town! We are due for a few showers but i am sure a bit of drizzle wont stop Megans athletic legs from wading through the miles we need to cover but i will be so sad to say goodbye on Sunday and travel on without having them to look forwards to at the end of each day ........

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