I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Saturday, 19 June 2010



Well, i seem to have reached the bottom of my energy reserves today and whilst my feet are now all hardened up, the obstacle today has been my levels of get up and go which seem to have (temporarily?!) got up and gone for now..... Hmmm.

I didnt sleep all that well for whatever reason but had a nice breakfast before packing my bag and leaving it in the reception area for the day whilst i went out to enjoy York!

Sadly the weather wasnt up to much and as i walked the streets and explored the nooks & crannies of the city, i slowly realised it was my 5th Saturday away from home and i am well and truly homesick!!  Whilst on my downer day, please forgive me to just get it all off my chest in a vain attempt to feel a bit better .....
  • Fed up of packing / unpacking and repacking my bag every single day!
  • Tired of wearing the same extremely limited wardrobe, day in day out!
  • I dont want to walk another step for ages!
  • I cant face another cooked breakfast right now but it seems such a waste not to have it when its been included and paid for and is so readily available - what a dilema! It was a great treat to start with or maybe once a week but now i am on overload!!
  • I am missing my car and just getting in it to go round the corner!
  • Fed up putting in a new wireless code everyday to get the internet! Even my own computer is confused and weary!
  • I am missing the simple things like just going shopping for milk!
  • Hair straighteners! I NEED THEM! they are now categorised as 'essential' for my mental wellbeing!
  • I dont want to watch anymore mindless TV in teh evenings!
  • Fed up wearing trainers or walking boots, walking boots or trainers! Where are my high heels & FitFlops?!!!
  • its Fathers Day tomorrow and its the first one i have missed so the children are having to do everything without me....(thank you Megs for standing in for me!)
  • if i have to see my Big Red coat again this century, it will be 100 years too soon!
  • i just want MY bed, MY pillows, MY bath and MY own home remote control which i know how to use!
Ok, that is it for now! Thank you for listening! I am sure that therapy will help me feel better once i am dosed up with an early night and a bedful of sleep tonight!!

After a few hours at the David Lloyd again, having a workout and swim and steam, i walked back into York and collected my pack and went to the Station where i had seen mum off only 24 hours ago.....I climbed aboard my own train for a 20 minute ride to Selby where i picked up my 20 minute bus to reach Eggborough, giving me my first glimpse of the huge Electrical Power Stations that are plentiful in this area and keep the local economy employed.

Molly was waiting for me at the Old Post Office Guest House on Selby Road with a wonderful set up here of B & B for the power workers who mainly stay Monday to Friday i think....each large room is all beautifully equipped with a small fridge, microwave and basic cereals, milk and juice for a DIY / self service affair in the morning and she has 6 rooms all with wonderful modern bathrooms ensuite and newly furnished.  A great combination and i am sure she is on to a winning formula here for her efforts as it was all lovely!

I collpased onto my bed at 6pm, still exhausted and it was all i could manage to go downstairs again to ask for the WiFi code to connect to her internet!!! (how pathetic!)

So, as you can probably tell, today has been a bit of a downer for me, low in energy and mood but nothing that i am sure a good nights sleep cant sort out.  I really am on the homeward stretch now, i need to keep telling myself, only 7 more sleeps before i see the children again and i can see St Albans on my radar getting closer and closer!! COME ON CAROLINE! GET YOUR FINGER OUT! lets see what Sunday can bring!

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