I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Saturday, 5 June 2010



It was a rather early start to mine & Meg's Saturday morning to meet Catherine at Perth Railway station at 8.04am! (Yawn!) The weather was supposed to rain so we packed rain jackets etc for our walk but as usual the forecasters got it wrong so we baked the whole day carrying sweaters and jumpers whilst i worked on improving my Rudolph cherry nose! Nice look!

Mike kindly dropped us off at the top of our starting lane just outside Perth for us to begin at 8.30 and we stormed through the Scottish countryside (hills & all!) with us 3 girlies gossiping all the way!! (SATC3!) The miles and hours melted away as we chattered and caught up on the last few years and every so often stopped to admire the beautiful scenery.

We passed plenty of lambs, farmyards, cattle, streams and ... oh did i mention hills?!! Megan pointed these out every time we neared a hillock and only once did she have a little sense of humour failure and ask to 'ring dad now to collect us'!!

We got to Milnathort after 12 miles (3 hours 25 mins!!) just as Mike and the kids arrived and so we rendezvous'ed at the local Icecream hotspot Giacopazzi for 7 double scoop cones!! It was definitely worth walking with Catherine just for the inside crack on the best locations and this was certainly a highlight!! Apparently whenever they drove this way when she was little (she used to live in Dollar for 8 years!) on the motorway, she always used to complain that the motorway built up pressure in her ears and coupled with a sudden onset of hunger, they would have to come off and hey presto .... there was the icecream shop to solve all her problems! Ahhhh such sweet childhood memories!

Catherine got collected to catch her train to London for her last minute revision course (Thank you so much Cath for fitting us in today in your so busy world!! It was really lovely to see you & Good Luck with both your exam at the end of the month and your own Rob Roy challenge!) We headed back to Dundee for a last visit to Poundland and Zak got a bit side tracked in the O2 store looking at the new Dell Streak and has now decided on this for his birthday next month ....looks like i need to get saving again!

We finally got back to our rooms for Meg to recover and lie down and i enjoyed a wonderful hot bath while the others played another endless round of (Poundland!) cards!!
I repacked my rucksack (for the 4th time) ensuring i only have the absolute bare minimum now for getting home as i wont have access to transport again now for another 21 days!! We decided to catch an early dinner just in case the service was still on 'go slow' for a 2nd evening in a row, however this time, apart from Sam thinking he had lettuce in his sausages, the meal was much improved!
We were back in time for the big Final of Britains Got Talent, and loved all the performances .... our favourites are Spelbound and Twist & Pulse!! WorldClass!!
PS Happy Birthday big brother, sorry we are missing your party but i am sure you are enjoying Sue's meringues! Mmmmm!

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