I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Friday, 18 June 2010



Hmmmm, unsurprisingly it was another slow service at breakfast-time with only a teeny overlap of one other couple to contend with for the Waiters attentions!! Although the content of the breakfast was on the whole good to middling, the coffee was spilt over the lovely clean table cloths and i have a pet hate developing of having to wait for my brown toast once my cooked breakfast has been served!!!! By the time it arrived, my eggs were going cold and it is really annoying!! Hmmph!

Anyway, maybe it was the overcast day but things didnt improve much when we got to the bus stop (ultra early by at least 40 minutes!!) for our Number 58 which was supposed to arrive at 10.10am (next bus only due at 1pm!!) and it didnt!!! Still no sign at 10.30am - 'Gracious, this is unheard of '(!!) echoed around the locals at the market square .... and then at 10.40am, it finally rocked up, having broken down in the countryside and having had to wait for a replacement!!! Gracious, its all action here in the middle of nowhere!!!

Anyway, due to its tardiness, the driver made a slight detour and came in to York on the road that my B & B was on, so this was a bonus for me as i was able to be dropped off outside the Apple House to leave my bag while mum carried on to the Railway station to leave her bag in the left luggage until her train this afternoon.....

We met up with Sharon, a pal from my Nepal Annapurna Circuit walk with Zak last year, to walk our miles today around York.  As Sharon had been waiting a little while, she had collected some maps from the TIC and was already versed in the options avalable to us ... we opted for a walk around the Ramparts of York and then detoured off down the river path for a couple of miles before rejoining the remainder of the unwalked Ramparts with Sharon whilst mum made her way back to the station to catch her breath and get ready for her train.

We all rendezvous'ed again just before 3pm, Sharon had a train back at 3.08 to Leeds and mum's train to Kings X was at 3.11pm.  So by 3.15pm i was once again, all alone, with an empty weekend to myself before my next visitor arrives for back up to keep me on track from my very last whole week!!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, which even a Starbucks couldnt make a difference to - especially as they have increased the price of my Mocha Frapp light by 15p a cup!!! :(  i walked to the David Lloyd which added 2.5 miles each way to my mileage as it was on the outskirts of the town centre!  I managed a quick workout and swim before collecting a Morrisons salad on the way to the cinema - i didnt really want to watch the football so thought the cinema would be empty (it was!) but unfortunately chose a rubbish film which i wont even embarrass myself by revealing as it was truly cringeworthy!  (thank goodness i hadnt dragged along my usual victims!)

Anyway, it served its purpose by keeping me from the footie and the only downside was it had cost £5!  With over 14 miles covered today, and not much sitting around except on the bus to York, it was a good day overall....

(Quick heads up on my plan tomorrow which is to spend the day here in York before going to Eggborough later in the day as i think there is a wee bit more going on here than there?! Maybe i am mistaken but i'll take my chances!)

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