I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Thursday, 10 June 2010



We had a lovely breakfast at the Lornebank, chatting to our fellow B & B'er Russell and we actually ate so much, it really meant we rolled to the bus stop!  The weather was still overcast and not as sunny as predicted but i guess no rain is better than drizzle. 

We had been trying to ring ahead to leave our bags at tonights B & B but when we finally got through they said they were in the Isle of Bute for a short break but we could leave them on the doorstep as Jedburgh was a very safe place!!!!!!! Hmmmm! not sure about that!  But when it came down to it ........ we did just that .....

Back at the Tourist information office, and a £1 map later, Jedburgh was at our mercy and we had 9 routes to choose between!  We selected the longest one at 6.5 miles and set off for another breathtaking walk along tracks and paths and woodland and country lanes .... breathtaking because it just took your breath away to get up the hill each time!!! 

We finished our circular walk in time to share a portion of chips and then after a look from the outside around Jedburgh Abbey ruins, we began our 2nd circular walk for 5.5 miles ..... our first stop on the map was a house that Mary Queen of Scots stayed in for 4 weeks back in the 1500's when she was very sick..... the house was beautifully restored and retold the complete story of her tragic life in narratives on each floor.  I learnt more in that 1/2 hour about her than during my whole 2 year History A-Level (Sorry Dr Mott!) but i was more than happy to donate towards the upkeep of the building as i did feel that it had been very sympathetically done.  Well done!

Our walk continued on for a couple of hours after our mini history lesson, passing more farms, fields, outbuildings and even a school sports day at the local rugby club.  At one point we stopped and realised that i shared a passing resemblance to a very common everyday landmark ..... spot the difference? 

By 4pm we arrived at our B & B for the night and thankfully found our bags all safely where we had left them!!!!  There was another couple of American ladies already waiting on the steps and after about 1/2 hour there was still no sign of anyone turning up to let us in!! Immanuel called the B & B hostess but astonishingly she said they would be another 45 minutes as they were still on their way back from their own mini break!!!!! We all decided that we had waited quite long enough by this stage so we collected our bags and walked 20 yards across the road to the nearest Guest house and rebooked ourselves in there!! Thank you Allerton House!

A hot bath (and couple of ports later!) we were beginning to wear away the aches and pains of the day and relaxing into our room!  We answered a few emails and caught up with a couple of work calls and then wandered into Jedburgh to find some dinner.  Virtually all the eateries we had ear marked were actually closed, waiting for summer to come (!) so we began to walk back to the fish and chip shop and at the lat moment, stumbled on Carters Rest just in time to save us from another chippie dinner .... 3 starters later (between us!) we were all full, apart from a little place for a Co-op dessert!

Back in time for Junior Apprentice final now!! Arjun to WIN!!!!! (please just not Zoe!) :0(

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