I am planning to run /walk /crawl again, this time from John O'Groats down 'South' to St Albans .......... not sure how far i will get but its one heck of a journey!

Friday, 25 June 2010



We were right next door to the Bird Sanctuary so should have really expected to be woken to joyous birdsong but we have become so used to the noise of passing traffic, that is was quite a novel sound to hear at 4.45am!!

Breakfast was quite nice until the 'Wrath of Sue' was released, relating to my comments on her B & B!! Her clear irritations were most unexpected and it seems she had read my Blog & taken exception to my brief review of Forge Cottage and of my own personal opinions on her 4 o'clock access ruling!!  (Instead of embracing it as constructive feedback, she could only see it as extreme criticism unfortunately)  I wanted to suggest putting her forwards for that 'Three in a Bed' Channel 4 programme (no guesses as to which category they would fit into!!) but she was too annoyed & seemed to be missing the point that she has entered into the hospitality industry which is all about customer service and making your guest feel welcome and not like they are intruding and being a nuisance before they had even checked in!!!

She (correctly!) told me it was 'their home' but really if you let people into your home and make it into a business, then at least do it graciously and not with resentment or there is no point!!  I felt like i was getting a right telling off, all before my breakfast had even been digested!  Not terribly palatable, especially after she pointed out the 2 huge favours they had extended by allowing us to leave our luggage before the designated 4pm and that we had been allowed to stay only 1 night when her normal rules stipulate 2 nights minimum!!!

To conclude this matter the place was reasonable to average,  the rules were way too rigid and the Jekyll & Hyde character which was displayed to us, all a bit unnerving but the location was a plus, the cleanliness good and if you can stick the rules, it should suit you down to the ground! Oh, and after all that she did donate £10 to Grove House so Sue, you are a little star after all! :0\  (And if she hadnt made such a hulabaloo over the feedback i would probably not even have mentioned the place again but i guess any publicity is good publicity?!) Forge Cottage - go go go!!! (PS after 4pm!!)

Now, on to the rest of day! ....... we reached Kettering for 10.30am where Gordon was there to pick me up and take me out for our 2 planned walks in the heat of the midday sun & boy oh boy was it hot!!  I have been so looking forwards to today and the adorable Oscar (his 2 year old Boxer!) accompanied our morning 5 miles and it was so wonderful to have Gordon in complete charge of the route and all directions!!!  He had planned a very comprehensive wander around lakes and bridges that i would never have discovered on my own and Oscar loved the water and especially having a dip and then rushing past my legs at full pelt to dry himself!!

After a quick bite to eat Chez Gordy we headed straight out for phase 2 and a longer 6 mile circular walk along old disused railway tracks and then back past some more lakes and the local Diamond Football ground.  It was fun to catch up on the last 3 years and hear all Gordons news and his gallavanting round the world following his ACDC (last weekend in Paris!) and various other bands (off to Bon Jovi tomorrow!) and to have time with such a genuinely lovely man.  THANK YOU GORDON FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY!

He dropped me off at my smart A45 Eastbound Travelodge (where check in was anytime after 2pm!!) and it was all i could do to stay awake after all the scorching sun i had taken in today!  My arms were very red and with no aftersun the only way to cool them was a cold shower!!  Mmmmmm, nice!

Chauffeur Gordon returned with my carriage for 7pm and took me to a great little venue called the 'Ock 'n' Dough where we had a really nice meal to round off a really wonderful Friday and end to a great week!  I cannot believe this day has finally come - my last Friday - and that this time next week it will all be over!!  And only 1 more sleep until i see my most beautiful prize - my 4 gorgeous children (photo of us here the last time we were together) - 11am in the morning and they will be HERE!!  Bring it on, i bet i cant sleep now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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